Re: /dev/loop0 hangs...

Stefan Ring (
Wed, 20 May 1998 00:51:16 -0700

Shawn Leas wrote:
> I saw a blurb about this in the newsgroup (comp.os.linux.misc), and I was
> just wondering if anyone has any info as to when this might be fixed?
> I go to mount an image, sometimes it waits a while before it hangs, but I
> cannot even switch VCs when it does. Hard boot, power down.
> Please help, someone!
> Shawn

I had the same problem. Make sure you've uncommented the SMP=1 line in
the Makefile (I assume you've got a uniprocessor machine, haven't you?)

I don't know of a way to do it on SMP right now. It has something to do
with spinlocks released where they shouldn't, resulting in an infinite
recursive loop.

If you've subscribed this list, look at 'Loopback device HANGS' postings
last week.

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