Re: the way 2.1 shuts down compared to 2.0

Olaf Titz (
Wed, 20 May 1998 11:49:58 +0200

In article <> you write:
> When I shutdown 2.0.33 or 2.1.*, I get:
> Unmounting file systems
> RPC portmapper failure
> RPC unable to receive
> umount:/usr/local device busy
> umount:/usr/gnu device busy
> umount:/usr/X11R6 device busy
> While I have amd running off /usr/local, I don't see anything off
> /usr/gnu.
> What is annoying, is 2.0 just reboots anyway, but
> 2.1 sits in a loop and just prints:
> RPC sendmsg returned 101

But you _want_ to unmount these file systems cleanly. A "busy" in the
shutdown script means something's seriously wrong in your setup.

I had this problem recently, with my big /var disk not getting
unmounted and fsck'd on every reboot. I hadn't any idea why this
happened, so I inserted an "lsof > /debug" jut before the umount in
the shutdown script and tried to analyze its output after rebooting.

It turned out that the Sun JDK, which I had installed on the /var
disk, came with its own copy of deep inside an
obscurely nested path and ldconfig happily pointed every program out
there, including /bin/sh, to use that instead of the copy in /lib.
This also happened with another library (I think it was libdl). Blech.
(Fix, of course, was to remove all those redundant libraries.)


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