mapping kernel data to user space

Andrej Presern (
Wed, 20 May 1998 15:25:45 +0200


Can someone please explain to me, how I can map a portion of kernel
space into user space part of the process' address space? For example, I
have some data in kernel space (page aligned and all) that I would like
to share between user and kernel space, so that both have full access to
the shared page (no vm caches, no copy-on-write mappings, just plain
shared mem).

I have looked at the mm source but there seems to be a lot of stuff
involved, such as vm areas and similar. I thought of simply adding an
entry in the page tables but this doesn't seem like a very good idea
considering that the kernel seems to keep a lot of information about
individual parts of the process' address space. Since I'm not very
familiar with internal mm organization of the Linux kernel I'd
appreciate it very much if someone could explain it a bit.


Andrej Presern,

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