Re: 'C' Operators precedence

Ben Pfaff (
20 May 1998 10:23:26 -0400

I am going to answer this thread only once.

Well, you provided a wrong answer, in any case.

Read a text like:
C:Step-by-Step, Waite & Prata, The White Group, Howard W Sams Publ.
ISBM 0-672-22651-0
Page 500, 14.2
Quote "
pfun = atof;
you can use this call to invoke the atof() function:
Some C compilers have allowed the following usage when pfun is a
pfun(string) /* rogue usage */
Note:Neither ANSI C nor K&R C supports this form.
" End quote.

WRONG. See ANSI C standard section Function Calls: `The
expression that denotes the called function shall have type pointer to
function...', or Example 2 following section 6.7.1, which explicitly
shows that (*funcp)() is equivalent to funcp(), when funcp is declared
as int (*funcp)(void).

This is a "Beginners" Text. It tells what 'C' is, what the rules are
and how it is supposed to used.

Well, they could at least make an effort to be correct.

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