kerneld no longer auto-loads eepro100 module

Tigran Aivazian (tigran@sco.COM)
Wed, 20 May 1998 18:01:53 +0100 (BST)


I have just upgraded from 2.0.32 to 2.1.102 and the only bad thing I
noticed is that I get "Delaying eth0 initialisation" when doing ifup eth0
because eepro100 is not loaded by kerneld although my /etc/conf.modules

alias eth0 eepro100

When I do modprobe eepro100 followed by ifup eth0 (RH5 script ifup)
everything is ok.

In the kernel I copiled eepro100 as a module and no kmod support.

What should I change?

(Of course, I installed all the packaged mentioned in Changes, before even
thinking about compiling 2.1.102 and I hope that modutils-2.1.85 are smart
enough to detect *current* kernel rather than what /usr/src/linux happens
to point to during compilation which was 2.0.32).


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