NFS silly_rename cleanup failed

Oleg Drokin (
Wed, 20 May 1998 21:11:46 +0400

Hello All!

I am using linux kernel 2.0.33 with following patches:
Non-executable stack and tmp-symlink security fix
Fix for missing include in 'timer.h'
Free page cache pages aggressively
Swap over NFS

Box with that kernel is diskless 486 booting from network.
I run few DOSEmus for scancode terminals there. And I often getting kernel
messages like:
May 18 12:58:40 kernel: NFS silly_rename cleanup failed
(err = 13)

After some time (It may be some days or some hours) I getting an OOPS
in one of dosemu processes that claims about
'Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address c000000f'
and fter that 'Aiee, killing interrupt handler'
from this point kernel unable to see NFS claiming that NFS server is not
responding, however I can ping that box and remote logging works.
Unfortunatelly I cannot resolve addresses in that kernel (How to get after make zImage? And how to map addresses to symbols?)
So I do not provide oopses here (Or is it still useful even without such

Can you tell me, what I must to do next to resolve problem?


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