Re: 'C' Operators precedence

Michael Meissner (
Wed, 20 May 1998 15:29:35 -0400

| That's shite. It is usually the callee's responsibility to save registers
| reserved for register variables, but no compiler that I know of saves
| _everything_, even aside from clobbering one reg to return a result in.

On some architectures, if you declare a function with
__attribute__((__interrupt__)), it will save every register used other than the
sp (every register other than sp if the function makes a call).

| And while we're on this topic, where in K&R or the ANSI spec does it state
| that C is only to be compiled to a register machine anyway?
| I was just pointing out that c was designed to allow for this kind of
| flexibility; it leaves it open to the implementors to choose sensible
| calling and register conventions, etc...

Of course, in my 18+ years as a compiler author, I haven't found an abi that
was completely sensible, even when I designed it myself :-)

Of course, maybe compiler related articles should go elsewhere than the kernel

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