Re: blocksize > 4K in ext2 ?

Peter Monta (
Wed, 20 May 1998 10:31:58 -0700

Gerhard Mack writes:

> This brings to mind a question I asked myself last time I saw a thread
> along this line. Why doesn't someone make a fs just for cases that need
> large files? It seems to me there is quite a few people who need it for
> various reasons. This would imho solve the speed loss argument since the
> people who need the larger files would be the only ones using it.

Yes, I'd find this useful too. Ideally the granularity would be configurable
up to at least 4 MB, so that a certain I/O bandwidth could be guaranteed
even with a worst-case seek after every block transferred. Buffer cache
optional would be great also.

Peter Monta
Imedia Corp.

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