Re: skb size

Alan Cox (
Wed, 20 May 1998 22:41:23 +0100 (BST)

> Testing showed that this may be mainly due to the OS (kernel) limitations.

Improbable. Linux boxes can saturate multiple 100Mbit ethernets with TCP

> The 'skbuff' settings in 'tcp.c' is said to be hardcoded and fails under
> heavy load. The following line is a typical case in this.
> copy = min(sk->mss - tcp_size, seglen);

These are hard coded protocol requirements. A tcp segment cannot hold more
data than the size of the segment

> Is there a real problem in the kernel?


> Is this solved in newer versions?

How could it be

> Is a patch available for the problem?

No. Work out what you are _really_ seeling as a problem

> The network consultant is even suggesting of replacing the 'free' linux
> with a better & powerful 'real' unix with a 'full' commercial
> implementation of TCP, which will not drop packets on heavy load.

That would be so that he gets his commision on selling it no doubt.

> Any hints (to help save linux's as well as our prestige) will be greatly
> appreciated.

Just look at all the big ftp sites running Linux. And those that don't are
mostly running FreeBSD. There is the odd giant solaris site but thats about

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