Re: BX chipsets and 2.0.34pre

Trevor Johnson (
Wed, 20 May 1998 15:00:41 -0700 (PDT)

> Intel seem to have cunningly arranged that the Cyrix check stuff using I/O
> 0x22/0x23 happens to completely screw the settings on a BX motherboard, making
> 2.0.34pre* do weird things.
> I'll release another prepatch tomorrow (UK time) that will drop the Cyrix
> probing. Hopefully that will sort out the remaining 2.0.34 bug reports on
> the IDE, irq loss and weird crashes with BX

How about something like

if (cyrix_present()) {
if (!check_for_bx()) {
} else {
printk("Cyrix CPU and Intel BX chip set detected, not
probing for Cyrix problem\n");
printk("Cyrix CPU detected but PCI not configured, can't check
for Intel BX so won't probe for Cyrix problem\n");

? Users who don't like the warnings can just look at the pretty penguin.
Trevor Johnson

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