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21 May 1998 00:57:55 GMT

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By author: "Richard B. Johnson" <>
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> However, the () for passed parameters to a macro, if it exists,
> requires that the contents of () be evaluated before the macro is
> expanded, because () has the highest presedence of any 'C' operator.

The () as used in a macro expansion *isn't* a C operator. It's a
preprocessor operator, and typically isn't present in the output to
the C compiler.

Furthermore, you're once again confusing precedence with sequence
points. They have pretty much NOTHING to do with each other!

The ONLY sequence point for a function call is that its arguments must
be evaluated before the function is executed, if that is what you
meant with the previous article. However, it says *nothing* about
when the function is evaluated as opposed to other functions, nor of
the evaluation order of other functions in relation to it, unless
their return values are required to compute the arguments of the
function in question.


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