Sound and pre15

Chris Bowlby (
Wed, 20 May 1998 22:04:39 +0000

Ok, have some more information for you about sound with pre15

I have managed to get sound working again, I had to compile it into
thew kernel, then re-compile it as a module before it worked. But
sound with an AWE64 Value works.

I do however still have the can't find sound module message, it crops
up after the drives have been remounted, but before the daemons are
loaded. I don't know of how to get a screen capture of that part
other then dmesg and that doesn't go down far enough.

I also have a 20 - 45 second delay when the sound deamon is started
(around the same time cron and atd are started), as well as a 15 - 35
second shutdown delay, if these are normal I'm not sure as it wasn't
consistent with 2.0.33, but it is now very consistant.

Compiled into the kernel are the CONFIG_SB, CONFIG_ADLIB,
CONFIG_AUDIO, CONFIG_MIDI, CONFIG_YM3812, low level support, as well
as the ports configured and the mixer installed.

I have compile sound configured as a module, not internal to the

One or all of something up top it causing the problem....

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