sound problems under 2.1.x with CMI8330

David Mansell as Webmaster (
Thu, 21 May 1998 04:08:22 +0000

I've recently acquired a new motherboard (as mentioned in my post
about my now resolved IDE problem) featuring a 'CMI8330' chipset
(sold as 'SoundPro').

This chip claims to support both SB16 and Windows Sound System in

Under 2.0.33/34pre15, the sound mostly works but sometimes
hangs the machine hard when a sound finishes. This happens whether
sound is compiled in or a module.

With 2.1.103 (and most recent kernels, I've tried a selection from
2.1.9x onwards) it plays a few seconds of sound before locking the
machine hard (mouse cursor doesn't move under X).

This problem occurs using both the 'sb' driver and the 'ad1848'
driver (both compiled as modules).

The box is a Cyrix 6x86MX200 with SiS 5591 chipset, 64Mb SDRAM, a PCI
NE2000, PCI Virge DX graphics card and standard IDE hard disk.

Any ideas would be appreciated, further machine details available on


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