Re: kmod and autoclean modules

Derrik (
Wed, 20 May 1998 20:33:25 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 20 May 1998, D.A. Harris wrote:

> Hi,
> So what is the reason why kmod doesn't remove modules? It just doesn't make
> any sense to me. Why even have the designation of an autoclean module if
> kmod doesn't pay attention to it? So now we have to have a crontab file
> that occasionally runs rmmod (or whatever). If time is saved by loading
> modules with kmod, why wouldn't time be saved in removing them with
> kmod?

Because, the autoclean flag is still useful - read
linux/Documentation/kmod.txt to see what I mean. You can add a cron job to
periodically do an autoclean cycle - basically same damn thing that
kerneld did. I've got it working fine on my box - just goes through every
5 minutes and cleans out unused autoclean-flagged modules. :)

Derrik Pates

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