Re: [UPDATE] Was: 2.0.33 Problem - Network dies at random times

Roman Drahtmueller (
Thu, 21 May 1998 09:03:58 +0200 (MEST)

> I posted a message earlier regarding an odd problem where the kernel will
> simply stop talking to the network at random times. This occured on 3com
> 3C9x and DEC Tulip PCI 10/100 adapters with kernel 2.0.33.

One of my dataless boxes (pre15) locks up completely, but not in a
matter of hours but days. Network was the second bet because I
suspected the aha1542 getting rusty. Exchanging the Surecom
301 in wd-mode (which has proven to lose a bit of the hw addr at
times) to an SMC Ultra didn't improve anything. Nevertheless, I'll try
the arp -s trick now, watching it for a while. Bad luck the box is so
dead after the freeze...
Could you try 'nice -n -20 ping -f defaultgateway or broadcast-addr'
for some minutes and see if it happens? I know, it's mean... It brings
down a Surecom of equal type in the server within minutes. Reinit the
interface including rm/insmod wd.o won't help. No logs.

Btw, what type of switch/hub/router are you using?
> James Thomason
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