Re: large-file FS IS ALREADY DONE (smugfs)

Pavel Machek (
Thu, 21 May 1998 13:30:25 +0200


> > Gerhard Mack writes:
> >
> > > This brings to mind a question I asked myself last time I saw a thread
> > > along this line. Why doesn't someone make a fs just for cases that need
> > > large files? It seems to me there is quite a few people who need it for
> >
> > Yes, I'd find this useful too. Ideally the granularity would be configurable
> > up to at least 4 MB, so that a certain I/O bandwidth could be guaranteed
> > even with a worst-case seek after every block transferred. Buffer cache
> > optional would be great also.
> OK, let's start with the design constraints for such an FS:

Did you take a look at smugfs by mj? I think that most of this is
already done.

> - directories should be kept out of the way of files

Not sure how it does this one. I'm not sure if smugfs even supports
directories :-).


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