Multiple swap partition uglies (fwd)

Paul Wilkins (
Thu, 21 May 1998 21:51:42 +1000 (EST)

Already tried linux-admin, so now I'm hoping someone on this list has
seen this before.

Hi people,
sometimes when I'm in Netscape, everything stops while the drive goes
crazy for about 5 minutes. Then any attempt to scroll in the Netscape
window gives you another 5 minutes of drive activity, during which X is
frozen. This looks like the box is thrashing, but this isn't quite it.
There should be memory to spare.

Reason I'm posting is because I think the reason the box locks is related
to my swap setup, I'm using 2 swap partitions, like so.

/dev/hdb1 none swap sw,pri=1
/dev/hda2 none swap sw,pri=1

After I do swapoff on one of the partitions, the drive goes crazy for
about 5 minutes, and after that, the problem has gone away.

Am I doing something dumb, or is there some contention in the way swap is
used over multiple partitions?

This is on 2.0.31, Pentium 100, 32 Meg.




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