Re: NE2000 PCI problems FIXED!

Riley Williams (
Thu, 21 May 1998 14:22:49 +0100 (BST)

Hi Linus.

>> Hi, all. I've been pounding on 2.1.103 and I'm happy to say that
>> the lost interrupt problems with my PCI NE2000 card seem to have
>> gone away (Tyan Titan Pro, dual PPro 180). Lovely!

> Good. We still have a case of level interrupts sometimes
> duplicating, but it's harmless. And we know why it happens and how
> to avoid it. So there's going to be some very slight work on the
> irq code still, but I'm beginning to consider it pretty much done
> other than that.

> Anybody that still sees interrupt-related problems, speak now or
> forever hold your peace..

I have yet to try this on 2.1.103 (just downloaded it), so can't yet
comment thereon, but I recently came across an interrupt problem with
both 2.0.33 and 2.1.89 affecting the NE2k cards, which is NOT in the
2.0.27 kernel supplied with RH 4.1 and originally installed on the
said system...

The system in question has a PCI-based NE2k clone and a PCI-based TV
card, and the BIOS in auto mode puts both on IRQ 9, sharing the same
interrupt, which I understand to be OK with PCI. However, although the
TV card works happily under Linux, the NE2k card does not in that

I have done some investigation, and this appears to be a problem that
only occurs when the NE2k is sharing IRQ 9 with some other device, as
it doesn't occur with the NE2k on its own on IRQ 9, nor when the NE2k
is sharing any other interrupt with another PCI device (including the
said TV card). Beyond this, I wouldn't know where to start looking, so
if somebody out there can give me some pointers...

For reference: P166/MMX processor, 48M RAM, 2.5G HD, networked using
the said NE2k with coax leads...

Best wishes from Riley.

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