Re: kernel 2.1.103 boot hangs (panics actually)

Bill Hawes (
Thu, 21 May 1998 15:11:33 -0400

Adam J. Richter wrote:

> 2.1.103 with SMP=1 also crashes for me either during boot or
> within a few seconds after that on a uniprocessor 440LX 300MHz
> Pentium II Intel motherboard, and following your suggestion of
> rebuilding in 2.1.102's io_apic.c and irq.c also made the problem
> go away for me.
> Is everyone who is experiencing this problem running on a motherboard
> that can only take one CPU?

My UP system (P133, 32M, Asus MB) also crashes on boot if the kernel is
compiled with SMP=1. Compiled for UP, 2.1.103 is OK so far ...


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