Re: Cyrix 6x86MX and Centaur C6 CPUs in 2.1.102

Alex Buell (
Thu, 21 May 1998 16:57:16 -0400

Phil's Kernel Account wrote:

> Basically, this allows you to use two different CPUs, if the board will
> allow it, and keep the OS from oopsing because of the mismatched features.
> Seen it in action, and the way the person implemented it worked VERY well.
> I'll see if I have a current email and get a diff for everyone if I can.

What happens if a "good" CPU is #1, and the "bad" CPU is #2? You will
get plenty of OOPS if code that works on the #1 blows up on the #2 CPU?
[Of course, the answer is to switch the CPUs, but.. you know]


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