Re: Are applications for Linux platform specific?

Noah Beck (
Thu, 21 May 1998 23:09:16 +0000

> > I'm talking about apps in binary format, executables, made for
> > Linux. Will they run in any hard with Linux? I guess... not, but
> > may be someone can assure me that.
> No, they won't. When they're built, the compiler you use is specific to a
> particular OS/processor combination, and so are the binaries generated.

I thought that I read once that the ELF format (it was SOME format, may
not have been ELF) allowed the compiler to include object code for more
than one target processor type. So that you could produce an executable
(and this would almost have to be done with a compiler aware of multiple
target types) which was, say, about twice the size but ran transparently
on two different types of processors. There would be a code segment in
the executable that was specific to each platform. Anybody else hear of


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