Re: linux-2.1.103 crashes egcs-19980517 on i586

Horst von Brand (
Thu, 21 May 1998 17:44:04 -0400

Horst von Brand <> said:
> This compiler (and egcs-19980508 at least) crash on
> linux/arch/i386/kernel/bios32.c:check_pcibios. A presumably safe workaround
> follows (adding __volatile__ just disallows moving the asm() around, and as
> it stands, there shouldn't be any place to move it too ;-)

The patched linux-1.0.3 is what I'm running right now, no funnies: I've
used ATAPI CDROM (module), second disk works too, /proc/pci looks normal.

BTW, I posted an condensation of the problem to the egcs-bugs mailing list.

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