Re: 2.1.102: Sound driver

Michael Elizabeth Chastain (
Thu, 21 May 1998 21:34:01 -0500

Hi Geoff,

> I finally got the sound driver working on my PC; however, it took some
> hacking of 'drivers/Makefile'. I was compiling the sound driver as a
> module (it's a PnP card), and modprobe was complaining about unresolved
> symbols. I tracked them down to 'drivers/sound/lowlevel/init.c', and
> discovered that the file wasn't being compiled, much less linked into the
> kernel.

Yes, Alan Cox has a patch for this in the Linux Kernel Patch incoming
queue (patch #80). I'm hoping this gets into 2.1.104. It's badly

> The cause seemed to be the following code in 'drivers/Makefile':

There's a simpler patch to drivers/Makefile: delete that paragraph
and simply put 'sound' into ALL_SUB_DIRS. That's part of Alan's
patch #80.

> Another problem I noticed is that CONFIG_LOWLEVEL_SOUND takes the values
> [N/m/?] instead of [N/y/?] when CONFIG_SOUND is 'm'. I had to manually
> set it to 'y' in order to compile the lowlevel modules because the
> 'sound/Makefile' doesn't add 'lowlevel' to the $(SUB_DIRS) list otherwise.
> Should this be a 'bool' instead of a 'dep_tristate'?

CONFIG_LOWLEVEL_SOUND should be a bool.


Michael Chastain
"love without fear"

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