mem=64MB oh yes! mem=128MB oh no! (2.0.34pre16)

Lluisma (
Fri, 22 May 1998 14:27:30 +0800

I have a Dual PPro with 128MB of memory, 4.1 GB HDD on an Adaptec 2940 controller.

After installing Red Hat Linux 5.0 last night, I got a copy of the 2.0.34pre16 patch, applied it, uncomment the line SMP=1, compiled a new kernel, made LILO use the new image, and rebooted. Everything went fine but I forgot to specify that I have 128MB of memory.

So I modified my lilo.conf with an append statement. Sad to say when I rebooted my machine, I got a kernel panic. It says it can't mount the root fs. I booted from a floppy, removed the append statement in my lilo.conf and run /sbin/lilo. Again, I rebooted my machine, this time I specified mem=128MB in the LILO boot prompt. It encountered the same problem.

I restarted the machine. Didn't specify anything at the boot prompt. Everything went fine but the kernel only detects 64MB of RAM. Am I missing something here? Is there a problem somewhere else?

Joseph Edcel R. Lluisma

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