bug in lance32.c driver for PCnet PCI II AM79C970A ethernet card.

Dr. S.K. Singh, from Birth Place of Lord Krishna ("Dr.)
Fri, 22 May 1998 12:32:31 +0530 (IST)

Dear hardworking friends,

I installed Slackware 3.2 (kernel 2.0.29) and upgraded to 2.0.33
by compiling and selecting PCI Bios and PCnet PCI ethernet on. My
P90 machine has 32 MB RAM, 2 GB SCSI HDD 3 PCI slots (used by SCSI HDD
controller, VGA and Ether net cards) The PCnet PCI AM79C970A Ethernet card
use irq 15 and detucted at boot time with irq and base add. as configured
in DOS. The machine hangs as soon as 'ifconfig' coomand is issued by
rc.inet1 file while booting. When I comment out 'ifconfig' command line in
rc.inet1 file the machines boots but hangs as and when I issue 'ifconfig'
manually. The driver used by eth card is 'lance32.c'. The machine is
running without any problem with 'Compex ne2000' compitable ISA cardwith
ip aliased local network.
Any help please.

With Kind Regards.

Sincerely Yours

Dr.S.K. Singh, Ph.D., Agril. Research Service, Scientist, (Sr. Sc), Animal
Genetics & Breeding, Central Institute for Research on Goats, Mathura.
UP. 281122, India.
email <sks@cirg.up.nic.in> <satendra_kumar@yahoo.com>
Ph.No. 0565-7-63325(O), 63334(R), Fax. 0565-7-63246

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