Upgrading to a test kernel

Michael J. McGillick (mike@dungeon.ne.mediaone.net)
Fri, 22 May 1998 02:44:24 -0400 (EDT)


Looking for some help from the Red Hat users on this list (or knowledgable
others). I've tried a couple of times before to upgrade my existing RH 5.0
system to one of the test kernels, but I usually end up screwing up one
thing or another. I have read the documentation, and I've tried
to upgrade almost of the packages necessary as listed by the minimum
version numbers in the documentation.

If anyone is currently running RH 5.0, and has successfully gotten to the
point of running a test kernel, I would like to discuss the steps that you
took to get to that point. I would like to keep the system as RPM'ized as
possible by upgrading packages with RPMs, but I realize that some packages
may not be currently available like this. According to my system, here is
what I have installed as opposed to what the documentation is saying that
I have:

Package I Have Required
------- ------ --------

-> Kernel modules modutils-2.1.55-4 modutils-2.1.85
Gnu C gcc-
Binutils binutils-
-> Linux C Library libc-5.3.12-25 5.4.44
Dynamic Linker (ld.so) ld.so-1.9.5-5 1.9.5
Linux C++ Library libg++-
Procps procps-1.2.7-1 1.2.7
-> Procinfo procinfo-0.11-1 13
-> Mount mount-2.7f-1 2.7l
-> Net-tools net-tools-1.33-4 1.45
-> Loadlin not installed 1.6a
Sh-utils sh-utils-1.16-8 1.16
Autofs 0.3.14 0.3.11
-> NFS not installed 0.4.21
Bash bash-1.14.7-6 1.14.7
-> Ncpfs ncpfs-2.0.11-3 2.2.0
-> Pcmcia-cs pcmcia-cs-2.9.12-4 3.0.1
-> PPP ppp-2.3.3-2 2.3.5

All of the packages with arrows next to them look like they need to have
newer versions installed. If I install the newer version, will it not
allow my existing 2.0.34 kernel to work properly? Is there a way to have
both kernels working on the system, without having to repartition the
drive? Also, I've heard folks talking about gcc, pgcc and egcs. I'm
assuming that these are all C compilers, but what's up with them? I
thought gcc was the compiler that we currently use. Is there a movement
underway to switch to a new standard C compiler for Linux?

Any help would really be appreciated.

- Mike

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