Re: Swapping in 2.1.103?
22 May 1998 09:17:02 +0200

"Karl GŁnterWŁnsch" <> writes:

> In my opinion this test shouldn't force any applications to be swapped
> (because the only thing really used by this test is the buffer cache,

I really like an aggressive buffer cache, e.g. for system maintenance
tasks, I can do repeated du and find commands, working almost without
touching the disk.

Forcing executables in memory could also be a bad idea, since large
parts of code would conceivably be executed only once, and there would
be no benefit in sticking to them.

I have a suspicion that memory which is referenced twice is much more
likely to be referenced more in the future, while memory which has been
referenced only once, in many cases won't be referenced again. This
could hold for (parts of) executables, as well as data.

Even if this holds true (which is, of course, purely conjecture), I've
no idea whether/how it could be utilized in the VM system.


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