Some more random question...

Lorenzo M. Catucci (
Fri, 22 May 1998 10:59:39 +0200 (CEST)

Dear readers,
I'm a pratically C-dumb people, and therefore I do limit myself to
kernel reading to learn something each day... Now, since a couple of years
(or maybe more, it was 1.2.8) I'm using and managing a couple of linux
systems. Now, I'm really interested in what will go into 2.2, which a long
time ago was told as deemed to be a speedier kernel, for the updated
process memory mappings and the added indirection layer from the dcache.
Now, I hear it isn't still true, but, at least, 2.2 will not be slower
than 2.0... good enough. Now, I'd like to know about a couple of
unofficial patches for 2.0, which I both use and enjoy, and hoped could
make their way into mainstream, but about whose I hadn't heard anything
anymore: I'm talking about Stephen's supermount stuff, and the additional
SCHED_IDLE policy Ingo made for 2.0. As for supermount, there is an
harmless rejected chunk if I try to apply it onto 2.0.pre34, coming from a
line clash with joliet/nls changes, but I fear it will be useless at all
with the changed VFS stuff in 2.2. Apart from the hard stuff both Ingo and
Stephan have been doing until now for 2.2, are there any reasons why those
things stayed out of the kernel? Yours,



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