Re: Are applications for Linux platform specific?

Joel Klecker (
Fri, 22 May 1998 03:15:19 -0700

At 20:18 -0700 1998-05-21, Joel Jaeggli wrote:
>On Thu, 21 May 1998, Noah Beck wrote:
>> I thought that I read once that the ELF format (it was SOME format, may
>> not have been ELF) allowed the compiler to include object code for more
>> than one target processor type. So that you could produce an executable
>> (and this would almost have to be done with a compiler aware of multiple
>> target types) which was, say, about twice the size but ran transparently
>> on two different types of processors. There would be a code segment in
>> the executable that was specific to each platform. Anybody else hear of
>> this?
>Yeah, Nexts did this for a while, it was either 68k and intel or 68k and
>8800. As has macos, ie fat powerpc/68k.

NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP could do this because a .app is a directory of files
(properly called an "app-wrapper".

Apple can do this with Mac OS because 68k and PowerPC apps store code
differently (68k code lives in resources of type 'CODE' in the resource
fork, PowerPC code lives in the data fork).

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