Re: Big problem

Richard B. Johnson (
Fri, 22 May 1998 08:27:38 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 22 May 1998, allspeed wrote:

> Hi Guys
> i have a big problem with linux every time i want to change my memory
> simms i starts to give me hdd errors when i reboot it wont stop until i
> don't put it back like it was putting me all the files in lost+found tried
> to changed from 16 megs to 32 megs started that has soon has i try to go
> over 16 mbytes it does that does any one no what could be the problem and
> can you tell me please?
> thank's
See if you have a BIOS setup option called something like "memory hole
at.. ". If so, turn it OFF. This was a ISA bus "compatibility" option.

Dick Johnson
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