Re: 2.1.x series, pathnames and touch

Michael Elizabeth Chastain (
Fri, 22 May 1998 13:43:27 -0500

Hi Adam,

Yeah, I can explain this stuff.

> 1) touch every file ./include*

Suppose that drivers/block/foo.c #include's <linux/foo.h>,
and include/linux/foo.h #include's <linux/bar.h>.

Then if include/linux/bar.h changes, drivers/block/foo.c must
be recompiled.

The kernel Makefiles accomplish this by making foo.c depend
on foo.h, and foo.h depend on bar.h. When bar.h changes,
foo.h is touched. That triggers recompilation of foo.c.

This behaviour cannot easily be changed.

> 2) store full pathname to sources instead of relative path
> from base of source tree in it config files.

That's an artifact of mkdep.c implementation. I believe it
can be fixed by incremental hacking on mkdep.c.

Both of these and a lot more are fixed in my experimental Dancing



Michael Chastain
"love without fear"

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