/proc: File table overflow

Rob Naccarato (rob.naccarato@sheridanc.on.ca)
Fri, 22 May 1998 14:02:52 -0400

Today I had about 34 people accessing a Linux machine via Samba
and a strange thing happened. When all the clients wanted to
grab a bunch of files at the same time, Linux started killing
off a bunch of processes and when I went to run 'w', I received
this error: /proc: File table overflow.

Is my system too small or configured incorrectly for the load?
What should I do?

The machine is a PP200, 128MB RAM, all SCSI disc system, with
100MB 1/2 Duplex Tulip network card.


PS. Is there an equivlalent to "maxusers" in Linux that is present in
other kernels, like Digital Unix?

Linux kernel version: 2.0.33
Libc: 5.4.44
Samba: 1.9.18p4
Dist: Slackware 3.1
ld.so: 1.9.5

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