Thanks - and more questions:

Michael J. McGillick (
Fri, 22 May 1998 18:34:15 -0400 (EDT)


First, thanks to all of folks out there that responded to my call for help
in installing the test kernel 2.1.103. I now have a dual boot machine
with a stable 2.0.34pre11b and 2.1.103.

First Question: I have 2 Ethernet cards in my system. They are both DEC
Tulip DaynaPORT 10baseT cards. Under 2.0.34, the system boots just fine,
and my eth0 is correctly configured by DHCP through my current ISP. My
eth1 is configured to be a simple gateway for my network, using as its static IP Address. No biggie.

When I boot under 2.1.103, both of the cards get detected, but when the
ethernet card tries to get configured by DHCP, I get a failed message. I
thought I heard someplace that the devices get read in reverse order, so
maybe DHCP is looking at the wrong card? Not sure. Would really like to
know if someone has the answer here.

Second Question: make menuconfig did not work for me. I saw someone else
post that they had this same problem. The menuconfig screen comes up, but all
it gives are 3 choices: A series of "-", Load Configuration, or Save

- Mike

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