sparc and reboot() ?

Ralf Wierzbicki (rafal@boa1.dcss.McMaster.CA)
Fri, 22 May 1998 19:33:44 -0400 (EDT)

the reboot () function on my ipc sparc seems to do the wrong thing. i
read the man page and set it so that it would do a hard reboot, no such
luck however. What happens instead reboot kicks me out to the eprom
prompt where it says (b)oot (c)ontinue (n)ew, but that's not all, that
message appears over and over again, while no input from the keyboard is accepted.
i didnt know where to turn for help, reboot() is a libc call but it is
also linux specific. any help would be appreciated.

(this is straight from the manpage)
If magic == 0xfee1dead && magictoo == 672274793, then the action
performed will be based on flag.

If flag = 0x1234567, then a hard reset is performed.
If flag = 0x89abcdef, then CAD is enabled.
If flag = 0, then CAD is disabled and a signal is sent to process
ID 1.

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