Re: Thanks - and more questions:

David B. Rees (
Fri, 22 May 1998 17:34:00 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 22 May 1998, Michael J. McGillick wrote:

> First Question: I have 2 Ethernet cards in my system. They are both DEC
> Tulip DaynaPORT 10baseT cards. Under 2.0.34, the system boots just fine,
> and my eth0 is correctly configured by DHCP through my current ISP. My
> eth1 is configured to be a simple gateway for my network, using
> as its static IP Address. No biggie.
> When I boot under 2.1.103, both of the cards get detected, but when the
> ethernet card tries to get configured by DHCP, I get a failed message. I
> thought I heard someplace that the devices get read in reverse order, so
> maybe DHCP is looking at the wrong card? Not sure. Would really like to
> know if someone has the answer here.

dhcpcd needs to be upgraded to the latest version (currently 1.3.6 I
think), specifically for 2.1.*. 2.0.* used version 0.something. The dhcp
howto has the URL for the latest version. Go grab it, install it, and
then dhcp will work again.

> Second Question: make menuconfig did not work for me. I saw someone else
> post that they had this same problem. The menuconfig screen comes up, but all
> it gives are 3 choices: A series of "-", Load Configuration, or Save
> Configuration.

Yeah, there's a patch floating around that fixes this problem. For now,
use make xconfig instead.


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