Re: /tmp in swap space

Jim Wilcoxson (
Fri, 22 May 1998 17:36:59 -0700

Disk space is dirt cheap and getting cheaper all the time. Plus, there
could be a reliability concern here. If a program goes wild and fills /tmp
(which just happened to me last week btw), I wouldn't want my machine to
crash because it couldn't swap.

Wouldn't it be difficult to figure out disk space requirements for this
configuration? It seems like if I knew that at times I needed 100MB for
/tmp, and 100MB for swap, I'd be forced into making sure there was 200MB
available in /tmp if the two shared that area.


At 06:43 PM 5/22/98 +0000, Jelle Foks wrote:
>I recently saw that Solaris shares the drive space for swap and for the
>files in the /tmp directory (/tmp is mounted from the swap partition as
>filesystem type swapfs).
>Has anybody thought about this? Has this already been done for linux in
>some patch somewhere? Are there solid reasons not to do this? would a
>significant performance impact be unavoidable? Would it be difficult to
>use the ulimit settings for quota on the '/tmp-filesystem'?
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