Re: size of files in /proc

Sitaram Iyer (
Sat, 23 May 1998 10:01:23 +0530

Thus, C. Scott Ananian spake...
> contents, which is hardly efficient). Thus, a reported size of 0 is
> preferable. That way, if you rely on reading the file size, you will
> *always* get wrong results. This makes buggy programs obvious and
> repeatable, which is much preferable to covering up the problem.

I know FIFOs do not pass stuff over nfs, but is something possible on
the lines of reporting *all* files in /proc as FIFOs, so you anyway
don't know in advance how much data you're going to read, and are forced
to read till EOF. Or maybe all files can pose as character device
drivers, with an entire set of device numbers. Anything to keep the size
a mystery.. ?

-- Sitaram Iyer <>

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