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Meelis Roos <> said:

>NtW> Oops = 0002

>Can somebody explain what does the oops "2" mean? 6 is invalid insn, 12 is
>stack fault, 13 is GPF, 3 is debug etc on x86. But 2 seems to be documented

>I'm having it here too (oops 2 w/103 inside del_timer during TCP connection
>shutdown. It's happening inside del_timer in nline function
>detach_timer at line "prev->next = next;". The timer in question is tcp probe
>timer. Any help of this?

Here's a description of the OS/2 error codes, it's the clearest and most
consise description I've seen. They should be the same under all Intel OSs.

The information found here is taken in part from the Intel i386 or i486

Trap # Function OS/2 HELP MSG (SYSxxxx) Likely cause under OS/2:
0000 Divide error 3184 division by zero by OS/2 0001
Debug exception shouldn't occur
0002 NMI Interrupt memory parity or 387 error
0003 One Byte Interrupt shouldn't occur 0004
Interrupt on Overflow 3185 from INTO instruction 0005 Array
Bounds Check 3191 from BOUND instruction 0006 Invalid
OP-Code 3176 usually a corrupted .EXE 0007 Device not
Available from ESC or WAIT instruction 0008 Double Fault
shouldn't happen
0009 Reserved by Intel
000A Invalid TSS (Task State Segment) OS/2 bug - not a common bug
000B Segment not Present Can be a program or OS/2 bug
000C Stack Fault stack was ruined (not common)
000D General Protection Fault invalid pointer (most common)
000E Page Fault OS/2 bug, error in virtual mem
000F Reserved by Intel
(C)1992 Gebran Krikor * Freely distributable

This is the noise that keeps me awake

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