Re: death for 103

Linus Torvalds (
23 May 1998 06:11:51 GMT

In article <>,
Derrik <> wrote:
>On Fri, 22 May 1998, Kelley L. wrote:
>> >
>> > Got similar panic too, booted to 2.1.103 three times with the same
>> > message (unable to handle paging request) right after the CMD640 IDE
>> > driver. I have SMP = 1 on a UP system, I am currently recompiling to
>> > test it without SMP support.
>> >
>> I recompiled without SMP support, and the problem went away.
>Sounds like we may have a problem in the virtual IO-APIC code again, guys.
>Anybody got any ideas? I've heard complaints on uniprocessor boxen running
>SMP kernels, so that's what my guess would be... unless people with real
>SMP boxen running SMP kernels are having the same trouble.

This should be fixed in the pre-2.1.104 I put on today:
the problem was that io-apic interrupts were probed even if there was no
io-apic mapping..


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