is it maybe something with slackware, or the bootup disks?

ax (
Sat, 23 May 1998 10:36:30 +0200 (SAT)


I get error messages such as I/O Error
{Drive Seek Error}
and irq and DMA failure errors.

i have asked this before, but im beginning to think that its not a
physical hardware problem but rather incompatibilty of some hardware
device or controller, with the kernel. or at least something to do with
slackware. reason i think this is that i took a totally seperate machine,
which was running perfectly with RedHat 5.0, no probs at all. but because
i prefer slackware i made slackware bootup disks from the slackware 3.3
cd. and booted up recreated the partitions,
and then when im installing i get those I/O, DMA, irq errors.

but i do have slackware installed on another machine an acer aspire, one
of those brand name computers, and it works perfectly on it

any ideas, or could anyone just tell me if it is a prob with something
with slackware or the slackware bootup disks.

ive been searching for a reason why it does this. but a solution would be
better :-)


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