2.0.29 network problem

mohd zamri murah (zamri@cc.ukm.my)
Sat, 23 May 1998 19:51:46 +0800 (WAUST)


networking hang on 2.0.29. the machine can ping to itself but cannot ping
to gateway. probably has been fixed, but the info might be useful. To fix
the problem, i reboot and the network start working again.

kernel: 2.0.29
card: 3C509
cpu: UP / pentium 166Mhz
other info: basic personal use, no httpd, pppd or sendmail running. use
netscape to access internet.

syslog message which I think would be relevent.

May 22 16:46:25 sirius kernel: eth0: Infinite loop in interrupt,
status ffff.

the was a thunderstorm before the network hang, if that is useful.


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