2.0.33 bad magic number for tty struct in release_dev?

Tom Oehser (tom@toms.net)
Sat, 23 May 1998 12:41:08 -0400 (EDT)

After hours or days OK I get these messages and bad things happen:

Warning: bad magic number for tty struct (04:42) in release_dev

rs_close: bad serial port count; tty->count is 1, info->count is 2

I searched around the web and usenet and found no useful answers. Let me
know any info I can provide that might help, I'm running 2.0.33, pppd
2.2.0g, diald 0.16, setserial 2.13, and the device is a MultiTech
MT5634ZPX internal modem jumpered to ioport 3e8 irq 5 with current
firmware applied.

It works for sometimes days at a time, btw; but when these things happen I
seem to have to reboot to get at it again. It seems like it must be a bug
in the serial or tty drivers or pppd?

-Tom Oehser, Tom@Toms.Net

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