Re: 2.0.34p15 bugs? (probably 2.1 too)

Jon Lewis (
Sat, 23 May 1998 14:35:57 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 22 May 1998, Chris Evans wrote:

> I just came across a bit of a clanger. We had a file system mounted
> "nosuid", so of course users were getting "operation not permitted" trying
> to run an suid binary. No trouble I thought and did a
> mount -o remount,suid
> /proc/mounts showed this change as acknowledged.
> Alas trying to exec an suid program on the filesystem continued to fail in

Alot of the mount options just don't get processed on remount. I
complained about this back when noatime got into the 2.0.x source.

I recently ran into the same problem with Solar Designer's secure-linux
patches. I wanted to remount /proc with gid=55 so group proc could see
most of proc. mount -o remount,gid=55 /proc did not do I ended up
rebooting after editing /etc/fstab.

> Also, we _always_ seem to get oopses when after a few days uptime I stop
> the networking, rmmod 3c59x then insmod and start the networking. Latest
> single oops available upon request.

Are you sure you stopped _all_ programs that were using the network? I've
seen gated do amazingly bad things when I yank the tulip driver out from
under it. Everything from oopses to eating all virtual memory. I wrote
it off as pilot error rather than kernel bugs.

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