Cyrix 6x686MX TSC again (Was: Re: Cyrix 6x86MX TSC testing program)

Rafael R. Reilova (
Sat, 23 May 1998 15:35:19 -0500 (EST)

Hi again,

Andre Derrick Balsa wrote:
> Rafael R. Reilova wrote:
> >
> > or there is no way to get a
> > division by zero on the kernel (Maybe this is why I don't get the kernel
> > ops, yet my 686MX rev.3 TSC does stop when SOH is enabled.)
> Humm, just a small question: I have noticed that the oops were triggered
> by having a network daemon (usually innd) calling the kernel for
> timestamping of TCP packets. Do you have your Linux machine connected to
> a network, or is it stand-alone?
> >

Hmmm, now things begin to make sense. I _did_ notice strage behavior when
connected to the internet through ppp. Most of the time my box is
standalone, but when connected I can make the connection slow down to a
crawl (even timeout and get disconnected) by enabling the SOH (at least on
2.1.101, AYK the default now is not to use the do_fast_timeoffset on
Cyrixes). Disabling the SOH would suddenly bring all connections back to
life. Guess all those timers in the IP layer get very confused. Perhaps
if I didn't get disconnected, the kernel would eventually Oops. OTOH, if
nobody is using timestamping then no Oops (duh!).

This Cyrix thing has been dragging on for a while now. Someone metioned
that it may be possible to do something on the line of,

Save current TSC

do halt (or call the APM routine if APM compiled in)

if (APM || TSC_QUIRK) {
Calculate TSC error from the RTC or sys. timer
Fix the TSC

In fact, think I remember a patch flying around (if so, could the author
please email me a copy). Now the question is, are those top bits of the
TSC writtable? Again the Cyrix docs say that executing a WRMSR $10 with
DX:AX will do, (the instruction is priviledged so kernel hacking required
to test).

This might fix the APM problem too, but is kind of a bad hack, and might
not work on all processors (Pentiums I believe will not write to the top
32-bits of the TSC). Also, it introduces a slight latency when comming out
of a halt which people without the TSC problem or APM will not want in
their kernels (CONFIG_TSC_QUIRKS anyone).



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