CD-ROM (SCSI) swap crashes 2.1.103-SMP

Carsten Gross (
Sat, 23 May 1998 23:15:27 +0200


An audio CD change while running kscd (The KDE CD tool) using kscds software
eject button crashes 2.1.103. Linux crashes while starting to access the new
CD, not during removal of the 'old' one. If kscd is closed before removing
the CD and restarted after inserting the new CD, everything is okay and the
system won't crash.

This is on a dual P100, SMP Kernel, Adaptec 2940U and a Plextor '6plex' SCSI
CD-ROM. kscd version is 1.1.5 from KDE Beta-4. No logs are shown or written.



unzip ; touch ; finger ; mount ; gasp ; yes ; umount ; sleep
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