Re: 2.1.103 MSS?

John Goerzen (
22 May 1998 09:19:47 -0500 (Alan Cox) writes:

> > I have a Yamaha OPL3SA-3 card (audio + MIDI + MSS emu + SB emu),
> > integrated in a Thinkpad. The docs state that the OPL3SA-3 is not
> > supported natively, so I should use the MSS (Microsoft Sound System)
> > emulation. OK, that's no problem.
> Out of date docs. Say Y to the OPL3SA driver in Make config with a current
> kernel. Hannu wrote the supporting stuff for it.

I had tried that but it didn't work (I believe that it complained of
device/resource being busy.) BTW, that message (device busy) is
almost no help since it doesn't say which thing it is that is having
problems (IRQ, DMA, whatever)....

Anyway, after some extensive searching on DejaNews, I came across
somebody with an Acer card that was MSS compatible. They used the
Crystal driver, roughly like this:

insmod sound
insmod ad1848
insmod (the crystal driver with args.)

(Sorry I don't remember exactly -- my laptop is at home and I'm at
work. I can check on it if details are important.)

One important thing that was mentioned in the original post and also
applied to me: the IO of my card is 0x530 but the Crystal driver
doesn't work at that port. If I set it to 0x534, it works fine. I
have not tried the native OPL3SA driver at 0x534, so perhaps it will
fix the problem with that as well.

So it appears that the documentation ought to be updated to document
this procudure. It took me quite awhile to figure out that ad1848 was
part of the MSS (nowhere did the docs say that to load MSS, you load
the ad1848 module). I would suggest that perhaps Readme.Cards or
wherever these things go be updated with this info.

This is 2.1.103, BTW.

> > So I concoct a proper line to modprobe ad1848. It loads fine.
> > However, the system complains of /dev/dsp and /dev/audio not being
> > configured. Looking in /dev/sndstat, it seems that there are no wave
> > devices configured despite having loaded the driver.
> It didnt see them in that case. Does 'dmesg' tell you anything

dmesg never tells me anything, except by the OPL3 (MIDI synth) which
just prints out a copyright, I think.


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