Re: cpu misdetection

Mike Jagdis (
Fri, 22 May 1998 14:12:17 +0100 (GMT/BST)

On Thu, 21 May 1998, Ragnar Hojland Espinosa wrote:

> Correct output with previous kernels:
> model : 6x86MX 2.5x Core/Bus Clock
> [...]
> Incorrect output with kernel 2.1.103:
> model : Cx486SLC

This is presumably because the Cyrix id stuff in head.S was
disabled. Apparently it causes problems with some newer
Intel chipsets which (accidentally?) use the same ports as
Cyrix use for their CPU configuration. Without reading DIR0
and DIR1 we don't know what the CPU is other than that it
is a Cyrix of some kind - but probably a Cx486 since the
early Cx486s didn't have the DIRx configuration ports.

Incidentally does anyone know the actual circumstances the
problem appears in? I've only seen vague posts that there is
a problem here. You see we only touch ports 0x22 and 0x23 if
the CPU behaves like a Cyrix in certain circumstances plus
valid writes to 0x22 followed by access to 0x23 on a Cyrix
should not generate external bus cycles. So either the Cyrix
is generating external cycles in parallel with the internal
configuration port access when it shouldn't or Intel have,
ah, "emulated" the Cyrix behaviour we are testing for in
order to trick us into I/O on 0x22, 0x23 when the CPU is
not going to intercept them. (The misidentification would
not be reported because the Intel chip would go on to
respond to CPUID). If someone can shed light on what combinations
of motherboard chipset and CPU have problems it may be possible
to fix it rather than cripple it.


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