address translation

Lauri Tischler (
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 08:58:58 +0300

This maybe a little offtopic but plse bear with me :)
I'we been hoping to replace existing Novell Bordermanager + Proxy
with corresponding Linux stuff.
Functions in Novell / Linux are allmost equal:
Proxy = Squid, which is actually better
Dynamic NAT = IP masquerading
Secondary IP = IP aliasing

The funtion missing in Linux is Novell's 'Static Network Address
This means that if I have firewallbox with two network interfaces
where the external interface has multiple IP-addresses aliased to it,
I can define one-to-one relation between external and internal IP's.
By this I can publish a machine on the internal net with public
address. So the question is, is this possible ??

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