Re: i386 XF68_FBDev compile problem.

Geert Uytterhoeven (
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 14:29:42 +0200 (CEST)

On 24 Jul 1998, Jes Sorensen wrote:
> Mike> When trying to compile Xfree86 3.3.2 XF68_FBDev under 2.1.109
> Mike> for intel it fails to compile
> Mike> programs/Xserver/hw/xfree68/fbdev/fbdev.c because
> Mike> FB_VISUAL_STATIC_DIRECTCOLOR is not defined.
> As far as I remember this value is obsolete - its in the 2.0.x headers
> though.
> You can comment out that part of the code in XFree.

Yes, it can safely be removed. It was a bug: there's no such thing as a static
directcolor visual.



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