Re: linux-2.1.110 & Sound

Terry L Ridder (
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 12:31:51 -0500

llornkcor wrote:
> The devel kernel has built in support for PNP( and auto-probing of PNP
> devices), and sound cards do not HAVE to be modularized anymore. I am
> using 2.1.110, and it works dandy.

I would agree that Linux-2.1.110 has PnP support, and that if
enabled it does seem to work. However, there are instances where
enabling PnP is not an option.

One such instance is when you have 3Com 3c509B NIC cards installed.
This is not a problem with Linux PnP support but 3Com's problem.

> Yaroslav Rosomakho wrote:
> >
> > Terry L Ridder wrote:
> >
> > > Simple question:
> > >
> > > Must sound card drivers, any sound card driver, be compiled
> > > as modules?
> > >
> > > Example: SB 32, must it be compiled as a module?
> >
> > Yes, if it requires PlugnPlay init. First it should be inited throw PnP, only
> > after that you can use the driver. For detailed instructions on SB32 check
> > file ./Documentation/sound/AWE32
> >
> > Yaroslav Rosomakho
> >

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